Colby Lopez (born May 28, 1986) is an American professional wrestler, signed to WWE under the ring name Seth Rollins, where he is one-third of the stable The Shield, a former tag team champion, and was the inaugural NXT Champion. Lopez previously performed under the ring name Tyler Black.Lopez also was a former FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion, FCW 15 ... Read More
The Architect
Seth Rollins began his career as an independent wrestler who wasted no time making an impact in the world of sports-entertainment. After becoming the first NXT Champion in August 2012, Rollins quickly moved on to join forces with fellow NXT standouts Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns to wreak havoc on WWE. The trio debuted in WWE at Survivor Series 2012, smashing Ryback through the announce table and costing him a title match against WWE Champion CM Punk. The group returned the following night on Raw during Punk’s 365-day championship celebration, sending Ryback through the announce table once more. Read More?
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   Comments Off on Raw Fall Out 8/15/16

After meeting The Demon King face-to-face, Seth Rollins might have to change his strategy going into the first WWE Universal Championship Match at SummerSlam.

Gallery Link:
Screencaptures > 2016 > Others > Raw Fall Out 8/15

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  2016/08/16     Read MORE
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If there’s one thing to be said about Seth Rollins, it’s that he can certainly talk the talk. And “The Man” certainly made a big show out of scouring the backstage area for Finn Bálor in an attempt to coax “The Demon King” persona into a fight before they battle for the WWE Universal Championship on Sunday. And even though he only took his quest to the ring under pressure from Mick Foley, The Architect certainly didn’t hold back in his second consecutive round of trash talk.

That is, until the Irishman revealed his infernal alter ego in full. And though Rollins didn’t tuck tail and run the second Bálor appeared in the ring, he certainly didn’t get the better of the transformed Superstar. The Demon King unloaded a series of kicks on his foe, and while Rollins dodged the Coup de Grâce, he was sent reeling from an over-the-top-rope dive all the same.

Gallery Links: > Raw > 2016 > Aug 15
Screencaptures > 2016 > Raw > Aug 15 Caps

  Filed Under: Monday Night Raw, Result, Seth Rollins    Published by:
  2016/08/16     Read MORE
   Comments Off on Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens

Here’s Seth’s short cameo on Syfy’s “Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens”

Gallery Link:
Screencaptures > 2016 > Others > Sharknado 4

  Filed Under: Appearances, Seth Rollins    Published by:
  2016/08/15     Read MORE
   Comments Off on WWE Raw Result 8/8/16

After brazenly dismissing Finn Bálor’s face-painted alter ego as mere theatricality, Seth Rollins received an eerie history lesson from his SummerSlam opponent that changed the complexion of the first-ever WWE Universal Championship Match. Claiming an ability to tap into supernatural powers greater than himself when “his limbs and his flesh are not enough,” Bálor affirmed that The Demon King will be waiting for Rollins at SummerSlam, where myth just might become a horrifying reality for The Architect.

Not willing to wait for SummerSlam next Sunday, Rollins aims to conjure The Demon King on Raw. Will he regret this decision?

Gallery Links: > Raw > 2016 > Aug 8
Screencaptures > 2016 > Raw > Aug 8 Caps

  Filed Under: Monday Night Raw, Result, Seth Rollins    Published by:
  2016/08/14     Read MORE
   Comments Off on Seth Rollins Promises to make History at SummerSlam

The Architect boldly predicts he will notch another “first” in WWE history on Aug. 21.

Gallery Link:
Screencaptures > 2016 > Others > Seth Rollins Promises to make History at SummerSlam

  Filed Under: Uncategorized    Published by:
  2016/08/14     Read MORE
   Comments Off on Rich Froning & Seth Rollins’ Workout

WWE Seth Rollins does a workout with Elly Kabboord. Rich Froning and Matt Hewett do the same workout afterwards. Workout from August 2, 2016.

  Filed Under: Seth Rollins, Video    Published by:
  2016/08/14     Read MORE
   Comments Off on The Fate of the WWE Championship is Decided after Raw

On the eve of the WWE Brand Extension Draft, the confusing conclusion of the WWE Title main event bout between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins is addressed.

Gallery Link: > Others > 2016 > The fate of the WWE Championship is decided after Raw

  Filed Under: Seth Rollins, WWE Network Show    Published by:
  2016/07/19     Read MORE
   Comments Off on WWE Raw Result 7/18/16

The good news first, if you’re a Dean Ambrose fan: The Lunatic Fringe is still WWE Champion. The good news second, if you’re a Seth Rollins fan: The Architect fought like hell to wrest the supreme championship from his former Shield ally. Rollins took Ambrose to both the physical limit and the time limit in a match that spilled into a WWE Network overrun after a disputed pinfall left the match with an unclear victor.

Things ended far more decisively in the extra innings, so to speak, when the referee went to the tape and ruled the match a double-pin draw. Ambrose ultimately got the better of Rollins when The Architect attempted to ambush him with the title, meaning he’ll walk into WWE Battleground as champion. And lastly, the good news if you’re a Roman Reigns fan: He’s back Sunday. And that could be very, very bad news for the other two.

Gallery Link: > Raw > 2016 > July 18
Screencaptures – Soon

  Filed Under: Monday Night Raw, Result, Seth Rollins    Published by:
  2016/07/19     Read MORE
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